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Enneagram theater

The Enneagramm is an ancient system developed for Self realization. And the realization is that there is no Self, but an awareness which is impersonal and utterly flexibly, all including. The Enneagramm supports us to understand and therefore get a distance to our Character fixations. The Enneagramm has nine types of specific, unique characters and it is said that we reincarnate as the same Enneagramm Type until it is looked through and therefore transformed. This weekend gives you the opportunity to become aware on the fixed patterns of your specific characteristic, understand it and play it on stage. It also invites you to detach from that fixation and explore new unknown expressions which are a more spontaneous answering to the here and now. We will enjoy in a group to play out the Enneagramm types alone as well as in interaction.
A real fun weekend. Be an actor on the stage of life!