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Sacred Dances

An invitation to express your sacred being

Based on the the Sacred Dances of G.I. Gudjieff, a well known mystic and master of the last century. Gurdjieff designed the sacred movements as a technique to bring awareness to the three levels of our existence. The physical, emotional and mental center of the human being. In ancient times these dances were created to pass on secret messages to the one open to receive. Prem Shakti learned these dances from Lalla, who studied Sacred Dances in Puna India in 1988. By taking unusual positions you become aware on the body automaticms. The aim of these movements is an expanded awareness in daily life. In the dances we become aware on the tension we create. We consciously relax and let it go. This has a profound healing effect on all the three levels the body, the mind and the feelings. It sets the energy free which is bound in tension. This energy is now again availabe to you. Dancing together in a group, moving in oneness with friends, let us realize that we are all a part of a bigger whole. Disappearing as an I. Being one with existence. You realize your sacred being. It is waiting inside of you to be discovered. You are heartily welcome to enjoy dancing together.