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Friends circle

The friends circle around Pan and Lalla is spread over Germany, Uruguay, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Brazil, Italy.
The friends circle at this point counts a number of about 70 people with a majority born in the Netherlands.
There are two communes, one in Germany and one in Uruguay.
Pan and Lalla spend about 6 months in each commune.



Here some reviews of the friends circle about OshOasis:


Azeem, 71 years, from Switzerland:

At OshOasis,
money, dollar, is not king supreme.
Hugging is supreme - sacred, authentic, playful, warm and loving.

While you are in Vipassana, and watch the breath at the nostrils,
the unpolluted air, pure and fresh, gratitude arises, for life itself.

When in the Silent Phase, after the Mystic Rose or Kundalini Meditation,
you are immersed in the silence of nature, without the distractions of city sounds,
bliss arises.

In the night, under the open sky, you look up, and the stars shine bright
in an unpolluted night sky,
joy is there.

Expression is IN
Repression is OUT

Love is IN
Fights are OUT

Osho ki Jai!!!!



Bodhi, 34 years, from the Netherlands:

OshoOasis is for me a unique place in the world where friends are living together, to flower in love and to let go of everything that is not love, under the guidance of Pan. A place free of the influences of society so that it becomes possible to see what of the society’s beliefs and behaviors is living in everyone, to feel the effect of them, express them, to observe them and to let go of them. A place where we can enjoy life through sharing our ecstatic aliveness, our love and our presence.



Kyandaka, 44 years, from Germany:

A real life example of Osho’s vision of the New Woman, the New Man, who leave humanity’s rotten past behind.
Living in harmony with her/his inner nature as well as the outer environment.
A place to drop all psychological burdens, to cleanse mind & heart, to open up to life, to revitalize and become sensitive again.
An answer to the endless problems which modern man has created on the global, collective and individual levels.
A beautiful inspiration that hopefully will ignite the fire of love in many hearts.