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Commune Living

Would you like to be part of this New Man Commune for some time?

You are welcome to live with us for some time after joining a Meditation Day or a Retreat. We a looking forward to meet you !

 The daily life is an individual design as well as a group design to learn in a practical way to live in the here and now.
The commune is a healing field of friends who share the wish to learn to live in Love Consciousness. 

A day at OshOasis

could look like this or be a surprise according to what wants to happen today:

7.00 Osho Meditation
8.00 Breakfast
10.00 Work Meditation including the Stop meditation
13.00 Lunch
15.00 Meditation or Session
16:00 Work Meditation including the Stop meditation
18:00 Free time
19.30 Dinner
21.00 Evening Program
The evening program is different every day. Examples of the evening program are:
Moonlight Meditation, Massage, Singing, Dance Night, Movie Night, Live Music, Sharing Round and listening to Pan and Osho.

Besides the daily program there is the possibility of various individual sessions. Click here to read more about the these Sessions.
Please note: the program may vary according to individuals and commune circumstances, as well as  the weather etc. and is therefore always a surprise!