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OshOasis is a very unique and precious opportunity, where I can discover what life is all about, what love is all about and what meditation is all about.
OshOasis is a love field, where all the crazy facets of being a human being are allowed, accepted and looked at soberly. In society we learn to play roles to survive. Here we unlearn theses roles and learn what it means to be real and true.
Oshoasis is a place where one gets challenged to come step by step closer to an unknown space inside. A space, I guess every human being deep down longs for that space of peace, of joy, of love, of relaxation and everything one can ever imagine.
To get there can sometimes be a bumpy road, because one gets confronted with all that stands in the way to feel this space and that's basically our whole human conditioning.
Yes, it is as radical as it sounds. …. But to face this is worth it, I feel more and more free the longer I am in this crazy and beautiful process. It is a blessing to get reflected where are the blind spots that keep me from growing, by people who are already walking on this path a bit longer. This feels to me very essential on this journey.
The fact that this whole happening is in the middle of nature, in the middle of nowhere is also a great support. I perceive that the nature that surrounds us mirrors the same space I look for, if I am open for it.
Living so close together is every day a learning about friendship, love and togetherness and working together on a more sustainable life on the outer level.
All in all it’s just very far out to live with people who have the same intention in life to dive into love and meditation.
Thank you to life for this chance.