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Living in OshOasis: a unique chance to go inside

Living in OshOasis is the super intensity. I don’t know how we do it, but we combine a spiritual search for enlightenment and ultimate happiness with the manifestation of an Eco-village from scratch. It is a great paradox, which blows my mind every day again.
In a way those 2 things don’t seem to go together, yet exactly that combination shows me all facets of myself. Life here is so full and rich, there are endless facets to take care. The buildings, the animals, the garden and the trees, the infrastructure, everything always expanding. And whatever I do to take care of my tasks, my mind is exposed. Challenged by the remote location and the intense climate and weather, there is a continuous invitation to be fully present here now. Therefore I need to go beyond my mind and for that meditation is highly recommended.

Living in OshOasis is the perfect reminder that the outer is not important at all. It is a great paradox because our daily life is full with practical challenges and outer activities. We learn to take care of matter and nature in a creative and sustainable way. A higher challenge.
Being so much focused on the outer and all there is ‘to do’, it is easy to forget that I’m actually here for something else entirely. This journey started with the wish to become free of the ruler-ship of the mind or simply to find happiness in my life.
Now, I start to see this beautiful place/oasis as the ultimate playground to discover who I really am. I’m still every day finding out what that really means. I’m deeply grateful to all my friends to share this journey with and I’m deeply grateful to Pan, Lalla and Shakti to always remind me why I’m here: to go inside, to find love and trust, to realize that life is actually amazing.