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Living together with friends and lovers, very close
The days are filled with a great mix of work, meditation, creativity and body-contact. I feel challenged to learn new things like milking cows, plastering, taking initiative, show myself and be present with what I am doing.
I discover here that I do not need to consume as much as I am used to.
I feel supported to get to know how I create seperation and learn to choose for closeness and togetherness. I get reflected how much fear rules me and how much energy/ joy is set free when I stop to believe in that fear! I get to experience that when I put the things I like on the first place, it creates sometimes happiness but no fulfillment or gratitude. I am reminded that I wish to live a life in gratitude and not be so busy with myself anymore.
I trust Shakti in the decisions she makes, because they come from a place of surrender and are as straight and clear as they are flexible and irrational.
And all of this happens in a beautiful place in nature. What a blessing.
Love, Yantra