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Chakra balancing

During this weekend intensive we are making a journey through the 7 Chakras, our energy centers:
Starting with the first chakra, our Root Chakra, called Muladhara in Sanscrit. We discover the vitality that is flowing through every cell of our body. It is the full and raw energy that will be refined along our journey, which leads us to the Swadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra. We discover our center and our strength. Feeling our strengths gives us a feeling of being secure, which allows us to relax and feel safe, centered in ourselves. Feeling this, the emotional world opens in the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Manipura. We laugh, we cry, we feel angry and sad, overwhelmed by beauty, we feel grateful to be so alive and sensitive. Any emotion is accepted, welcomed and therefore transcended. The highest feeling, in which all suffering is transcended, is in the Heart Chakra, the Anahata. We start to feel closeness to all and everything. We feel unconditoinal love, a oneness with existence, and the separating I-dentity melts away in this higher love. From there we come to know ourselves in many new unknown creative expressions; we sing and dance and rediscover our originality, diving into the fifth Chakra, the Vishuddha, at the throat. At the Third Eye, the Ajna, we discover the world of sensitivity, of intuition, of vision and clarity. The world of meditation, a vast endless space. And finally we disappear in the connection with the whole, which we feel at the Crown Chakra, the Sahasrara. An impersonal, clear perception of the inner divinity that connects us with the divinity all around, remains.

For participation please contact info"at"oshoasis.net