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Meeting Pan and Lalla

Come and meet two beings of light, two nobodies.

Pan and Lalla are here on planet earth to share compassion, and when you meet them and you are open and sensitive, you can feel that. If you allow it, meeting them will touch you at the deepest core of your being. And that is what they are here for, to reflect our real being. It might be unknown to us. We might not even know how to connect to it, but it is there deep inside waiting to be woken up. And Pan and Lalla are here to support this awakening of your being, of your true nature. They can show you the way, point out doors or guide you into the unknown inner dimension of you.
All you need is to be receptive, sensitive and you will fall in tune with this higher love vibration of consciousness that is radiating around Pan and Lalla all the time.

Come and participate in a weekend with meditations, sessions, meetings with Pan and Lalla and beautiful precious time spent with friends of the heart and soul.

Further information about Pan and Lalla here www.panatthehill.de

For participation please contact info"at"oshoasis.net