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Learning to surrender the mind to the heart, the trust is the base of a three-step journey.

Trust in the master, the spiritual friend

How it all started?

It all began with Osho’s look into Prabhupad’s eyes in 1976 on Osho’s birthday, when Prabhupad met Osho for the first time in silence.
Instantly a state beyond the mind happened and lasted for some time. The process of crystallization, to learn to live permanently in this space, followed for the next 24 years.
The Sannyas name Prabhupad needed to be dropped around 2000, since he realized that the mind had created a Sannyasin identification. After letting go the Sannyas name, the name Pan appeared in a spontaneous ritual.
Osho had told him in a Darshan (individual meeting) to “never stop somewhere and always move on” and he committed his life to this. The New Man realized in him and after several failed attempts at commune living, in 2000 a group of initiated friends started around him. The group still goes on, and has expanded over the years.


Trust in the commune, the sangha

Why Uruguay?

Because it was one of the only countries that welcomed Osho when almost all countries denied him entrance. Only extreme foreign economic pressure forced the Uruguayan government of those days to not allow him to stay. In 2014 the group of friends around Pan and Lalla grew so big that it could not be accommodated anymore in the small rented farmhouse in the middle of Germany. The world situation made it clear that the northern hemisphere is in this very insecure times not the best place to be, because of over-industrialization and over-crowdedness and too many restrictive regulations for a free unfolding of an environmentally friendly way to live. So Uruguay was calling and the Uruguayans are welcoming to host a New Man Commune in the middle of nowhere.
Now a group of friends, who have been with Pan and Lalla for many years, takes care of a 37 hectare piece of overgrazed land transforming it into an Oasis.
You are welcome to join the realization of an alternative eco-village based on the principles of the New Man. What that means? Well we are exploring it ;-)
In this phase it is a realization that everyone around me is a mirror that is reflecting me.


Trust in nature and the wisdom of an ancient planet

We are learning to live in harmony with nature. We are learning to play with bio-construction and permaculture methods.
It feels like in these times on this planet, when the economic soap bubble is bound to pop sooner or later, learning to grow food, knowing there is clean water to drink and fresh air to breath, animals around to exchange wellbeing with are very essential things in life.
We were very touched by the native Kogi tribe of Colombia that published a movie for the younger brother (the modern man) as a warning that if we go on like this we kill our mother earth, who is our base for life.
To live alternatively to the collective mentality of corruption, greed and advantage that destroys the planet we need to learn again to care, which is a basic expression of love. So that what we put out supports our surroundings to flower more and therefore ourselves. And it is so beautiful to live in a flourishing surrounding of humans, animals and plants.
Nature teaches us how to be natural again.
Thank you Osho, Pan and all friends for living for this vision.
It is not always easy since we are exploring untrodden paths but it is worth it and that can be felt in the daily life quality! A love field of consciousness is continuously growing.