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Tibetan Session

Tibetan Tantra

What we refer to as Tibetan Tantra has its origin in Tibetan Pulsing Healing, an ancient scientific method that Venus learned in 1991 from the founder Swami Shantam Dheeraj in Osho's Ashram in Pune, India.
By practising many different meditations including all kinds of inner sciences Tibetan Pulsing Healing turned into Tibetan Tantra.
Tibetan Tantra is a body work (I would like to call it a body play) connected to the reading of the eye. The eye, the mirror of the soul, gives the information in which parts of our body the energy is held, or stored in the bones. By connecting certain parts of the body bio-electricity can flow again without hindrances. The fire of the heart melts the frozeness. The mind patterns are coming to the light and therefore loose their grip, all feelings are allowed and are accepted.

By closely connecting to one or more bodies
- the feeling of pressure turns into the original joy we felt as children, uncontrolled, non-repressed, not held back
- the feeling of sadness turns into opening the heart, a heart full of love and light
- worries and fear turn into the blissful silence of the Buddhas

The practices of "Tibetan Tantra" are a strong input on the body and at the same time connect us to very subtle fine vibrations.
You are heartily welcome to set your heart on fire, to live the love and light you are.
Love Venus